Yigal Landau: “The government has not missed any opportunity to miss an opportunity”

Photo: Orel Cohen, Calcalist
Photo: Orel Cohen, Calcalist

Yigal Landau, CEO of the Ratio partnership, was interviewed on Reshet B for Michael Miro’s program, and said that: “The government has not missed any opportunity to miss an opportunity (regarding the gas deal) and has not prevented any pitfalls on the way.

It began with the retroactive change of taxation, which in hindsight caused much more damage to the country if it had not been done.

If they were to do such, there were maybe a few companies that would rapidly produce gas and the country would have enjoyed a large influx of revenues, which was also the case before Sheshinski. There was much disinformation in the media as if, previously, gas companies were not paying taxes. This is a lie.”

“There were claims that Israeli gas is expensive,” claimed Yigal Landau. “But the tax makes the gas 3 times more expensive. If a unit of energy in Israel costs 5 dollars, let’s remember that 3 of those dollars are tax. The net price is 2 dollars and from this price the gas companies need to make back their investment and operational costs.”

Listen to a part of the interview (Hebrew):

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