Yigal Landau to a Radio Broadcast (Galei Tzahal): “The main objective of everyone is to remove the gas from the depths of the earth”

Yigal Landau, CEO of Ratio, was interviewed on 13/08/15 on the program “Five in the Evening” with Yaron Vilensky on a  Radio broadcast about the gas pipeline. On the program Yigal Landau said the following:

“I don’t decide whether it is permissible or forbidden to change things over time, but to raise the large amounts  requires stability. We have already seen things change several times, and in an atmosphere of instability you won’t find anyone to invest those billions required to extract the gas from the bowels of the sea. The main objective for all of us is to ectract the gas from the depths of the earth. This is not trivial. It’s complicated and very expensive.

It is necessary to invest in order to do so. Therefore, an absolute final decision of the government is necessary to generate  stability and security. Whenever a politician wants a headline he invents some new invention. The job needs to be allowed to be done. Meanwhile, since September, when the Antitrust Commissioner retracted the agreements he had in hand, everything is stuck.

In every month that passes the Israeli public loses a billion shekel. I pray, hope and trust that there will be an end to these stories and there will be a blueprint in place that will enable the raising of huge amount  abroad, to make it possible to extract  the gas from the bowels of the sea. ”

Listen to the full interview:

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